Team Members

Rev. Víctor Manuel Bolaños
Ángel Mora
Consuelo Palacios
Dorita Rojas
Jaime Vizurraga
José Luis Pangolo
Luis Juela
Manuel Barahona
Mario V. García
Olvin Juárez
Rosario Xiloj
Rubén Cañíz
Sonia Rocano
Valdemar Pérez
Pro-Life Ministry
Elías Socop
Silvia Socop
Ingrid Cutz
Silvia Díaz
Francisca Cardona

Neo-Catechumenal Way

Description & Purposes

The Neo-Catechumenal Way is an itinerary of Catholic formation that is at the service of the Bishops as a form of diocesan implementation of Christian initiation and of ongoing education in faith. The Neocatechumenal Way is lived within parishes and in small communities constituted by people of different ages and social conditions and has the ultimate goal of gradually bringing the faithful to intimacy with Jesus Christ, making them active subjects of the Church and credible witnesses of the Good News of Our Savior. Saint JPII highlighted the abundance of fruits of evangelical radicalism and of extraordinary missionary drive that the NCW brings in the life of the faithful, of the families, of the parish communities, and the wealth of vocations, which it inspires to the priestly and religious life, manifesting itself as “an itinerary of Catholic formation valid for our society and for our times”. Pope Benedict XVI mentioned: ” Your apostolic action intends to take place in the heart of the Church, in total harmony with her directives and in communion with the particular Churches in which you are going to work, making the most of the richness of the charisms that the Lord has awakened through the initiators of the Way”.


The communities of the Neocatechumenal live their charism based on three pillars: Liturgy of the Word of God, Liturgy of the Eucharist, and Community.


The Eucharist is celebrated at 8PM on Saturdays.

Bereavement Ministry

It is a ministry dedicated to accompany those who have lost a close friend or family member. The Team is able to go to their houses and pray with them and for them, and also they are open to simply accompany people in their distress when they have suffered the death of a close one.

Levántate / Arise

It is a three yr. process, which is centered in the parish and extends throughout the diocese. Its purpose is to nurture the spiritual renewal and the evangelization so that the faithful may enter more deeply into their faith, grow as a community and serve others. The New Evangelization Team is responsible to go to different houses where the Word of God is proclaimed and the whole liturgy is based on the Lectio Divina, which is a practice of scriptural reading, meditation and prayer intended to promote communion with God and to increase the knowledge of God’s Word. It does not treat Scripture as texts to be studied, but as the Living Word.