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The Parish of  Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, located in Jamaica NY, complies with all Safe Environment mandates set forth by the Diocese of Brooklyn and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.  All employees and volunteers who have contact with children must attend a Virtus session, sign a code of conduct and submit to a background search. If you need to register for a Virtus session please do so at


The Diocese of Brooklyn wishes to do everything possible to see that all people, particularly children, are safe in all pastoral settings. Excuses and rationalizations for such criminal actions will not be accepted. To report sexual abuse involving diocesan personnel—priests, deacons, teachers, employees or volunteers at schools or parishes please call The Diocese of Brooklyn toll-free, confidential reporting number 1-888-634-4499. You can also call to the Diocesan Office of the Victims’ Assistance Coordinator to report your case: 718-623-5236



La Parroquia de la Presentación de la Bienaventurada Virgen María, localizada en Jamaica NY, cumple con todos los requisitos de Ambiente Seguro exigidos por la Diócesis de Brooklyn y la Conferencia de los Obispos Católicos de los Estados Unidos. Todos los empleados y voluntarios que tengan contacto con niños y/o menores de edad deben participar en el programa “Virtus”, deben firmar un Código de Conducta y deben depositar una autorización para una revisión de antecedentes penales. Si usted necesita inscribirse para una sesión de “Virtus”, por favor vaya a la página:

La Diócesis de Brooklyn desea hacer todo lo posible para asegurar que todas las personas, particularmente los niños y menores de edad, se encuentren seguros con respect a todos los ambientes pastorales. Excusas y racionalizaciones con respecto a ese tipo de conductas criminales no serán aceptadas. Para reportar abuso sexual contra personal diocesano (sacerdotes, diáconos, profesores, empleados o voluntarios en escuelas o parroquias) por favor llame al siguiente número de teléfono sin cargos: 1-888-634-4499. Usted también puede llamar a la Oficina Diocesana de Asistencia a Víctimas para reportar su caso: 718-623-5236.

Virtus Training Info – Información sobre el Entrenamiento de Virtus

At Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church, all deacons, priests and visiting priests must be Virtus trained in order to participate in parish activities. As well as teenagers, volunteers, and adults must also be Virtus trained in order to participate in parish activities.

 Letter from Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio:

In 2002, the Catholic Bishops of the United States met in Dallas, and approved the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People and pledged to address the issue of sexual abuse by clergy, lay employees and volunteers in the Catholic Church. The Charter includes guidelines for reconciliation, healing, accountability, and prevention of future acts of abuse. Since 2002, the Bishops have revised the Charter twice and will continue to make changes as necessary.

In order to implement the goals expressed in the Charter, the Safe Environment Program was opened in 2004. This program includes training to assist priests, deacons, pastoral ministers, employees and volunteers to be aware of any signs of sexual abuse with the children with whom they might come into contact, conducting background searches to reveal any past criminal activity that might endanger children entrusted to our care, and administering codes of pastoral conduct which serve as guidelines for pastoral activity. Protecting God’s Children is a tremendous responsibility that the Church has and must fulfill.

Of equal importance was the need to reach out to victims and their families who have been impacted by sexual abuse by clergy. For many years, the Diocese of Brooklyn has been offering assistance to those who have presented themselves to the Diocese as victims of sexual abuse by clergy through the Office of Victim Assistance. We are committed to helping anyone who was hurt as a minor by sexual abuse to seek help and to begin the healing process. Healing is a journey which can be taken in different steps. Circumstances for each victim are varied, but the commonality is that there is a need to feel that someone understands their pain, acknowledges the wrongdoing and offers an apology in the name of the Church.

We hope that through the links on this page, you will find valuable and useful information on the resources provided within the Diocese in Brooklyn and Queens to address the issue of sexual abuse by clergy, lay employees, and volunteers in the Catholic Church.

As Bishop of the Diocese of Brooklyn, my prayers continue for all the victims of sexual abuse by clergy or other Church personnel within our Diocese and throughout the Church and all those affected by its occurrence. May the Lord bring healing and peace.

Most Reverend Nicholas DiMarzio, Ph.D., D.D.
Bishop of Brooklyn

VIRTUS Training

Virtus Training is a three-hour live workshop session that trains adults of the church in understanding signs of child sexual abuse, the methods, means by which offenders commit abuse as well as the five empowerment steps to prevent child sexual abuse.

To sign up for a session and become VIRTUS certified, please click on the link

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Codes of Conduct & Related Documents – Códigos de Conducta y Documentos Relacionados

Reporting actions or information concerning abuse of minors or vulnerable adults