About The Church

“To ensure consistent unity and an effective new evangelization through experiencing and communicating love and healing.”

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Our Vision
In the Pastoral Year 2018-2019 our parish will become a truly united Church community of Faith, firmly and solidly based upon the rock of our Catholic faith, whose witness of the Gospel values, especially mercy and hospitality, is an effective source of inspiration, and of the spreading of God’s kingdom among the people living in Jamaica, New York.
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Our Mission
To actively promote an effective new evangelization for our own parishioners and those who do not participate in our parish community, especially English speakers.
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Our Values
Trusting in the Holy Spirit to guide our work and action, we value: Conversion, Prayer, Transparency, Commitment in discipleship and Openess and support to each other


New Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion / Nuevo Ministro Extraordinario de la Sagrada Comunión

At the eucharist on October 31, one of our parishioners, Mariana Gutierrez, was named as one of the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. // En la eucaristía del 31 de octubre, una de nuestras feligresas, Mariana Gutiérrez, fue nombrada Ministra Extraordinaria de la Sagrada Comunión.                    

Parish 135th Anniversary Novena / Novena del 135 Aniversario de la Parroquia

Information on the Funeral of Monsignor O’Brien / Información sobre el Funeral de Monseñor O’Brien

Rest In Peace  /  Que Descanse En Paz

From Our Blog

Father Victor’s Blog

Life can be hard and beautiful at the same time. Henry David Thoreau said “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation”, then, we need an answer! a tool, something to help us escape from the devil’s trap, who constantly brings conflict, guilt, sadness and hatred. Thanks be to God for His Church because we can…

Deacon Solarte’s Blog

The root reason for human dignity lies in man’s call to communion with God. From the very circumstance of his origin man is already invited to converse with God. For man would not exist were he not created by Gods love and constantly preserved by it; and he cannot live fully according to truth unless…

Sharing Moments

135th Anniversary of the Parish / 135 Aniversario de la Parroquia


International Day 2021 / Die Internacional 2021


BBQ with Police Precinct 103 / BBQ con la Policía del Precinto 103


Trip with the Youth to the Sanctuary of Mother Saint Francis Cabrini / Paseo con los Jóvenes al Santuario de la Madre Santa Francis Cabrini

Pro-Life Prayer in Front of the Abortion Clinic / Oración Pro-Vida Frente a la Clínica de Abortos


Game Day with the Children of the CCD / Dia de Juego con los Niños del CCD

https://presentationparish.nyc/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/VID-20210902-WA0011.mp4 https://presentationparish.nyc/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/VID-20210902-WA0010.mp4